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In the magazine The Illustrated London News a report on Edwardian London, described British Nobility in a very unflattering way, as they took their opulent way of life too much for granted: their rank, wealth and privileges, seemed as natural to them as green leaves on the trees. It was also noted that nobody missed out on the 'season', a round of racing, balls, dinners, opera, charitable functions and exhibition openings which kept the aristocracy busy from the ritual morning ride in Hyde Park till the last dance in the small hours next day. Even the older ladies continued to go out dressed up in wigs, and as the article put it, 'covered in as many vintage jewels as a medieval shrine. B5-008-reduced But Edwardian opulence was kept within the bounds of good taste by new developments in the fields of technique and design in Vintage jewelry. Following the lead of Cartier and Boucheron, who had established branches in both the USA and London, early in the reign of Edward VII, around 1904, many Antique and Vintage jewelry retailers substituted light strong and flexible platinum, for large gold and silver settings in antique and vintage jewelry pieces. Garlands of stylized flowers and leaves, trellis and lattice work, took the place of the heavy scrolls and monotonous rows of valuable stones which had satisfied Victorian taste in antique jewelry. According to the Illustrated London News, by 1904 long earrings were back in fashion again, as they seem to be now as observed by anyone watching the television coverage of the red carpet interviews before the Oscars. At Beverley R Jewelry in Chicago, we have many pieces of Vintage jewelry from the Edwardian period, especially long flowing, light in style platinum and diamond earrings both with trellis, and waterfall cascade style typical of the Edwardian period for Vintage jewelry. Pearls in the Vintage Jewelry of this period were also very popular, as their monochrome color suited the fashions of the early 1900's compared to the bright colored stones of earlier Antique Jewelry.. B5-003-reduced In the Edwardian period Vintage jewelry was also symbolic, especially of marital status and rank. Tiaras had a special place in society. They were obligatory for many events, even dinner parties. At Beverley R Jewelry we have been able to offer Tiaras, which many ladies like to wear for their weddings, but since in the Twenty First Century, we are much more casual in both fashion and Jewelry attire, these vintage tiaras can also be converted into necklace, much more wearable in these modern times. Also popular in both Antique and Vintage jewelry were aigrettes or hair ornaments, again in these dress down contemporary time, very few ladies wear hair ornaments, but we have found at Beverley R Jewelry, they can be worn on jacket lapels and jumpers, as unique and impressive brooches. B5-005-reduced This Edwardian period vintage jewelry necklaces were popular with the fashion of lower necklines. with pearls being very popular. This was a time when pearls were very rare and more costly than diamonds; they hung on long sautoirs, which could reach to the waste, and were fastened with a diamond or gemstone clasp. Also the 'dog collar' style of necklace was very much back in style right through until 1914. B5-002-reduced Vintage bracelets could be light flexible platinum and diamond chains to stiff hoops, but the general rule was for glitter and scintillation. Here at Beverley R Jewelry we have a large collection of vintage Edwardian bracelets, which have the wonderful attribute of being able to be worn during the day but that can also be dressed up for the night time events. B5-001-reduced Please come and visit us at Beverley R Jewelry here in Chicago, where we have Antique Jewelry, Vintage & Estate Jewelry to cater to all tastes, and for every occasion. We have unique one of a kind original period engagement rings, for the lady who doesn't wants what everyone else has and wants to stand out from the crowd. We have brooches to bring alive the business suit, or 'little black number'. We have necklaces and pendants which can be worn with Jeans and casual blouses, and others for the special occasion, and black tie functions. B5-004-reduced Beverley R Jewelry is the complete Jewelry shop, that can cater for all jewelry need for any occasion.