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Platinum and Gem set rings from the 193040 era
The Covid 19 Pandemic has had a negative effect on many businesses, with lock downs, social distancing and a limit on the number of customers you can have in any Vintage/Estate Jewelry establishment. At Beverley R Antique Jewelry here in Chicago we are operating a 'By Appointment Only' operation to keep our clientele safe, and we are also promoting our fine antique jewelry collection much more on our website, designed by KitelyTech. Their web design has made it much easier with our detailed pictures for our customers to see our spectacular collection of many different, unique, one of a kind and very high quality antique jewelry pieces, if they are either using their lap top or cell phone.

We have found with many people working from home they are spending more time checking out the different jewelry web-sites, and then phoning up to make an appointment, and this has been particularly true for those who are looking for antique engagement rings.

With this trend jewelers have been very creative with their marketing; and for those of you who want an authentic early piece of antique jewelry or an old antique or Art Deco engagement ring here are some of the phrases that should start 'alarm bells' ringing, that the piece of 'antique jewelry' you are looking at is not a true representation of the period that it is meant to represent.

Some of the misleading phrases or terms estate jewelers have used when selling modern copies and reproductions of antique jewelry are: 'Well this is a fine piece of 'antique inspired' jewelry' or another phrase which seekers of a true antique jewelry piece often hear is the phrase 'this is an authentic antique style of jewelry' which to me is like taking a copy of an original 'Picasso' painting, and giving it the same authenticity as the real McCoy.

Other phrases we at Beverley R Antique Jewelry have heard used to confuse the purist who wants an original piece of antique jewelry is the phrase 'Modern Antique Engagement Rings' or for other pieces of jewelry the description of 'Post Medieval' has been used.

You may ask well what is the difference between buying an antique engagement ring or piece of jewelry, as opposed to a modern reproduction? Well here at Beverley R Jewelry, we believe that you are much better off having an original piece of vintage jewelry, because firstly it holds its value, if we go back to the example of the original Picasso painting, as opposed to the copy, what is going to not only hold its value, but also appreciate in value? It is the original of course. Secondly most of the time an original Antique piece of jewelry is going to stand the 'test of time' and last much longer than a modern copy, and that is because in earlier times Antique Jeweler’s were craftsmen, who made individual pieces, lovingly hand crafted and completely unique, they took the time and trouble to have a complete finish with the underneath and the parts of the jewelry not on display having as much care taken over them as the parts of the antique piece that could be seen. To the antique jeweler it was more than just an Estate piece of jewelry, it was a work of art, that was representation of himself. Unfortunately for Antique Jewelry dealers in modern times trying to authenticate a piece of antique jewelry to a certain maker find it almost impossible to guarantee, and have to say a piece is attributed to this or that craftsman, because it has not been signed; the reason for this is the old Antique Jewelry Work Masters very often said that the exquisiteness, and the quality of the pieces they made was their signature.

So for those who care about having a true antique engagement ring or definitely want an early piece of jewelry, here are some pointers, firstly listen carefully to the salesman's words and descriptions, and don't be afraid to ask questions, about the original authenticity of the piece. Also inspect the piece itself, the quality of the underneath and back of the jewelry; have a look to see if there is any wear to it, early pieces of jewelry which would have been worn often, they will display what we antique jeweler's lovingly call 'The Kisses of Time', we want to see some wear, obviously not too much, but something; if a piece of jewelry is too pristine and in to perfect condition, this should be a piece that is treated with suspicion, and has to be looked at more closely.

For those of you hunting for that special antique piece who are searching on the internet, very often a 'dead giveaway' is when going to the different jewelry web-sites is that you see many pieces all looking either exactly the same or very similar, they are very likely to be mass-produced, mounts that are churned out on the conveyor belt, and then have the stone set. Most Antique, Vintage & Estate pieces of jewelry, because they are very often handmade and unique you will not see a whole array of similar pieces if any at all when doing your Google, Bing, Yelp or other search engine check.

At Beverley R Antique Jewelry in Chicago our pieces of Jewelry are all originals from the time periods of the early !800's to the !950's And if you can’t make it to the store at the moment, please go to our web-site And if you do not see the piece you are looking for right away, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will reach out to our international antique jewelry network, to see if we can locate it for you.

1/ Back of Georgian locket, with engraving and Rock Crystal Locket. Circa. 1830
18kt Gold, Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond lavaliere design, heart pendant. Circa 1890
2/ 18kt Gold, Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond lavaliere design, heart pendant. Circa 1890
Back of Georgian locket, with engraving and Rock Crystal Locket. Circa. 1830
3/ 18kt Gold and natural fancy colored Diamond Bangle. Circa 1880
18kt Gold and natural fancy colored Diamond Bangle. Circa 1880
4/ 18kt Gold, Turquoise, Natural Pearl, Ruby & Diamond, Eagle brooch, Circa 1845
18kt Gold, Turquoise, Natural Pearl, Ruby & Diamond, Eagle brooch, Circa 1845