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Instead of a blog with information about antique and estate jewelry, for a change I thought we could look at some of the latest pieces of antique jewelry to be found at Beverley R, and the interesting history behind them. Georgian Vinaigrette Georgian Vinaigrette This piece of antique jewelry dates back to about circa 1830, it is all in 18 karat yellow gold, and has hand engraving on both the front and the back of a central floral motif, with a garland containing a thistle going around the circumference. Though there is no hallmark to this piece of antique Georgian jewelry, the fact that there is a thistle included in the garland suggests that there is a Scottish connection, as the thistle was one of Scotland's national emblems. Now what exactly is a Vinaigrette piece? Well it is more than just a piece of antique jewelry, it has a practical use as well. The Georgian antique period, was certainly not as technologically advanced as we are now, in fact most of it was pre-industrial revolution, and the sewerage removal certainly was not as sophisticated as it is now, very often garbage was just thrown out of the window, which led to a horrible stench, which could be quite overpowering. A s you can see from the second picture the antique vinaigrette opens, and there is a decorated lattice design on the inside which also opens. Behind the lattice a lady would place something sweet smelling like myrrh, which she would inhale to overcome the odor. Georgian Vinaigrette 2 Victorian Ruby & Diamond Earrings These antique earrings date back to the latter part of the Victorian period, circa 1880. The diamonds are all round brilliant old mine cut stones. The diamonds from this antique time period were always of a deeper cut than the modern stones. The reason for this is that back then they did not have the same powerful electric lights that we have now, and very often the balls, antique black tie events were still lit by candlelight, and these deeper cut diamonds always shone more brightly in the softer light. These particular antique earrings are in a shield shape with a cushion cut natural Burma ruby set in the center of the diamonds,and also suspended as a drop at the bottom of these antique earrings. Just an interesting piece of antique history, the name ruby comes from the Latin word rube which means red. It was a favorite gem among those in power, and also those in love, inspiring back in olden times more emotion than any other stone. In this Victorian antique period Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion and power, and wearing it was meant to give the wearer a zest for life.  Victorian Ruby & Diamond Earrings Edwardian Moonstone & Diamond Bracelet To the contemporary, this moonstone and diamond bracelet would be considered something to be worn for a dinner party or special occasion; but back in this 'Belle Epoque' period this would have been a bracelet that would have been worn during the day every day. The bracelet is flexible in design, and made of platinum, set with round brilliant cut diamonds and four oval cabochon cut gem blue colored moonstone, as opposed to the more common milky white color that is very often seen. Moonstone they described at this time period as either little drops of rain, or sometimes tears, trapped in a stone. Also the belief that when moonstone was set in antique jewelry it was associated with healing and inner goodness, it brought about a sensuality for the one wearing the piece. One jeweler described it as the perfect prescription for cleansing the mind if negative emotions which hold you back. Edwardian Moonstone & Diamond Bracelet Art Deco Onyx and diamond Bracelet What could be more classic Art Deco than the 'Black & White' combination of Onyx and Diamond. This Antique Art Deco bracelet is all set in platinum, but it is a little different with the unusual cut of every other onyx. It is done in a 'sugar loaf' oval cabochon cut, which really makes the bracelet stand out. Again at this time period this would have been a bracelet worn daily, and not just for special occasions. There is also a symbolism which is connected to the onyx, in this antique art deco period it was believed that it provided protection, and was a stone to be worn when facing adversaries in battle, and for conflicts of all kinds. Contemporary beliefs say that Onyx, when worn, brings increased vigor, strength stamina and self control; it alleviates worry, tension and nervousness. Art Deco Onyx and diamond Bracelet These are just four among many new and interesting pieces of Antique, Estate and period jewelry that can be found at Beverley R Antique Jewelry, Chicago, Illinois.