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It was not that long ago we had the Oscar awards shortly followed by the Grammy's and of course all that one thinks about at present is the infamous slap by Will Smith on Kid Rock, but if one goes back to the early years, the awards were just as much about the fashion and jewelry as it was about the actors, actresses, singers and the movies themselves. It was not uncommon for people to hold Oscar parties, where ladies critiqued the fashions of the stars and commented on the antique jewelry that was being worn.


1/ Vintage, Platinum, Gold & Diamond Wheat Sheaf Brooch, Circa 1945 BL1 001
American antique jewelers had always desired to be innovators of antique jewelry designs; but it was not until mid way through the 1930's Art Deco period that things actually started to happen. And this was in part due to the glamor of the movie industry. In Harper's Bazaar they asked the fashion designer Adrian: 'Do American women want American clothes?' and he said 'The movies have popularized American design as nothing else could do.' Hollywood became the showcase of luxury and style during the 1930's presenting not just Art Deco jewelry and dress, but also period costumes along with earlier Antique Jewelry.


2/ Vintage, Platinum, Gold & Diamond Iris Brooch, Circa 1945 BL1 003
This showcase of antique jewelry, brought about a revival of romantic motifs, particularly Victorian & Art Deco bows, flowers, sunbursts, sheaves of wheat etc. all of sizable dimensions. At Beverley R Antique Jewelry in downtown Chicago, we have a large collection of very impressive 'statement' pieces including vintage Art Deco platinum and diamond bow brooches, along with antique Victorian diamonds set in silver on gold bow pins, and also retro gold pieces of estate jewelry including an eighteen karat gold and diamond wheat sheaf brooch, which would match any of the pieces worn at the Hollywood award ceremonies.


3/ Vintage, Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Calla Lily double clip Brooch, Circa 1935 BL1 004
The Actors and Actresses of America had become its uncrowned answer to European royalty, and they took on the responsibility of living royally. By the end of the 1930's magnificent antique and vintage jewelry was very much in evidence at all the 'in' parties and places, and these were widely photographed and reported in the press and journals. For example in the columns of Town & Country in an article from November 1937 entitled "These Disarming Jewels'' women were recorded wearing Empress Eugine's vintage pearls and emerald ring; Mary Queen of Scots antique black pearls, the queen of Portugal's estate emerald jewelry.


4/ Vintage, Art Deco, Platinum, Carved Chalcedony & Diamond Pansy Brooch Circa 1930 BL1 005
The vintage jeweler Paul Flato and his designer Fulco di Verdura along with Cartier, Tiffany and other named antique jewelers were designing unique and individual pieces, and as they still do today lending out antique jewelry to wealthy society women, and the Hollywood stars such as Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich etc. for all the special events. At Beverley R Antique Jewelry we have many signed, unique, one of a kind and high quality Vintage and Antique Jewelry pieces for the special occasions, which would give the 'bragging rites' to the wearers when sharing pictures with their friends.


5/ Vintage, Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond, Floral Ear Clips, Circa 1935 BL@ 001
In 1936 King Edward VIII of England abdicated to marry the American divorcee Wallace Simpson. She at the time became one of the most widely photographed and emulated women of her era, and was noted for her exquisite clothes and antique jewelry pieces. Shortly after her marriage she was photographed wearing a Van Cleef & Arpels brooch composed of a spray of wild flowers in diamonds and topaz-colored Sapphires. This brooch is reputed to have launched the 'Flower Style' in American Vintage Jewelry. Important examples of antique flower jewelry contributed to this popular style, with the originals brought to the American public through the social columns and magazines in the national press. And it didn't take long for the Vintage jewelers to copy their designs and styles.


6/ Vintage, Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Rose Brooch, Circa 1935 SF01 001 (1)
Influenced by the European Court and Antique Crown Jewels of an earlier period, the Flower style was a phenomenon of the 1930's. Of course, there was vintage flower jewelry suitable for formal 'Black Tie' events, along with vintage jewelry for day wear. Evening flowers for formal wear, such as Paul Flato's rose or lilac vintage brooches were made of Platinum and Diamond. And the formal vintage jewelry inspired another variety of vintage jewelry composed in both gold and platinum with semi-precious gemstones. Certain vintage jewelry manufacturers were identified with this style of vintage jewelry, most notably Oscar Heyman & Bros., Inc., who produced vintage floral jewelry for many firms including Shreve & Co., Marcus & Co. and Tiffany & Co. Here at Beverley R Antique Jewelry, we have a large selection of original, fine quality, one of a kind pieces from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro period of the 1940's & 50's, for the special occasions where you want to 'wow' the people you are with, to the every-day wear, where you want to have a unique piece which though very wearable still makes you stand out from your friends. Here at Beverley R Jewelry, we can take care of all your Antique and Vintage jewelry needs, wants and desires, so please come and visit us in downtown Chicago, we look forward to seeing you.