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Until the present Queen of England, Elizabeth, Queen Victoria had been the longest-reigning monarch. In fact, many believed that she was indestructible. And her death in 1901 was like the unexpected dissolution of a great institution. There was widespread grief at her passing, and a reporter wrote: Nobody who has not seen it, can imagine what it is like to see every woman in London wearing black.'
Edward became King and his wife Alexandra became Queen. The new queen effectively managed to combine old and new fashions of antique jewelry. She wore a small collection of antique brooches over her bodice, but this was done with a certain discipline and the pairing of antique pieces together. At Beverley R Jewelry in Chicago, we have a large selection of antique brooches, that can be combined to make a stunning display, and make that little black number or plain colored business suit come to life and look really special. We have different antique flower brooches, animal and different shaped antique brooches, which can be worn together or mix and matched. There were many different opinions on the now queen Alexandra, but one thing that all agreed, and could not deny was her elegance and the elegant way she matched all her antique jewelry. Her Antique brooches matched her antique earrings, pendants, and bracelets.
1/ Edwardian stylized Platinum on Gold, Natural pearl, diamond and enamel butterfly, convertible and can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch. Circa 1915.
In1 003
2/ Small gem set, butterfly and bug brooches from the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.
In1 001
At Beverley R Jewelry we have a large selection of everyday wearable Victorian and Edwardian pieces, covering the whole gamut of needs for any social or business occasion to give people that little bit extra to make one stand out from the crowd.
At her coronation Queen Alexandria's dress was Parisian and her Antique Coronation Crown was specially made for her by the Royal Jewelers Carrington's. Alexandria had a quite independent attitude and wore estate jewelry from the Antique French Jeweler's Lalique, and  Pierre Cartier, who she went to in 1904 to make her an antique diamond resille (literally an antique hair net). It was set with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. The shimmering effect of this constellation of antique gemstones perched on knife-edge settings can be seen in many antique portraits of her.
3/ 18 kt. gold and diamond drop earrings using a 'knife edge' setting.
In1 006
4/ Two 18 kt. gold Cicada brooches from the early 1900's.
In1 004
Here at Beverley R Jewelry, we can take care of all your needs in all types of antique jewelry. From your everyday antique gold earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings, chains, and necklaces. To those Antique pieces needed for that special event or black-tie formal dinner. With big displays of Antique Diamond or Precious Gemstones, the antique pieces really make a statement but done in an elegant and sophisticated way.
5/ 18 kt and Platinum, Ruby, Diamond and Demantoid Garnet 'Bird of Paradise' brooch. Circa
In1 005
6/ Edwardian platinum and gold, diamond bangle. Circa 1910
In1 002
The Victorian period, which Queen Alexandra carried on into the Edwardian period was a time when they appreciated versatility in antique jewelry. On her wedding day princess Alexandra wore an antique diamond tiara over a small wreath of orange flowers. But this diamond tiara could then be converted into an antique diamond necklace. Here at Beverley R Jewelry, we have a large selection of multi-purpose convertible pieces of antique jewelry, for the busy lady, who wants to wear a piece of antique jewelry during the day, but wants to 'upgrade' it to something more special for evening wear, but does not have time to go home.
Please come and visit Beverley R Jewelry here in Chicago, and find high-quality, unique and wearable pieces, that can take care of all your jewelry needs.