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WS2 008
At one time for the collector who wanted to purchase Antique Jewelry the place to go was the United Kingdom, over anywhere else in Europe. The reason the UK had so much early Vintage Jewelry was because if you go back in history we have both the French and later the Russian revolutions, where the ordinary people violently rose up against the monarchy and aristocracy. To avoid being executed a lot of European nobility fled to Great Briton with the clothes on their back and whatever they could carry. For many this meant their antique jewelry, and when arriving in the United Kingdom, they then had to sell the pieces to have money to live on. If one now moves forward from these earlier periods to the 1930's when war broke out in Europe antique Diamond dealers, cutters and vintage jewelry makers were coming to the USA, particular New York from the antique jewelry centers in Europe, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris and London bringing merchandise and tools with them. And where possible they had hidden their larger tools and antique jewelry making machinery to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. 1/ Art Deco, Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Ring. Circa 1935 (Use with heading) WS2 008 In New York, these Vintage jewelry craftsmen found a small, but active European community, members of the Antique jewelry trade who had fled during WW1. Some of these Art Deco jewelers who had come to the United States in the late 1930's stayed and set up businesses. Still others deposited in American Banks or with relatives and went back to fight. 2/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Cocktail Ring. Circa 1935 WS2 001   European antique dealers in colored gemstones were also going to New York. The German occupation of the Netherlands, Belgium and France forced many to emigrate to England, Switzerland or America. But during the war, however it had seemed that the future of Art Deco and Vintage jewelry would really be in the United States. 3/ Art Deco, Platinum, Coral & Onyx Cocktail Ring. Circa 1935 WS2 002   The lavish spending on vintage jewelry in the late 1930's, the fabulous presentation of antique jewelry at the 1939 World Trade Fair, and the establishment of a branch of Van Cleef & Arpels in New York, meant that American buyers would now have access to superior Estate jewelry and gems on their own soil, thanks to the inventories of the new arrivals. 4/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Brooch. Circa 1930 SF01 216   During this latter part of the Art Deco period a revolutionary new technique was used, and though not applied to every part of antique jewelry, it influenced the look of all vintage jewelry in this period and change the nature of the Antique Jewelry Industry forever; it was the ancient art of lost-wax casting. In the Art Deco period they developed a two part flexible rubber mold, where they could make several pieces of Estate Jewelry that would all have a similar style and look. 5/ Art Deco, Platinum, Calibre Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet, signed Cartier. Circa 1930 SF01 349 At our long established business Beverley R Antique Jewelry at the 'Magnificent Mile' in Chicago, with our large inventory provides a large range of the finest quality of Antique, Vintage & Estate pieces of Jewelry for the most discerning of tastes, for every different occasion, right on the doorstep of Chicago society. 6/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Pendant. Circa 1930 SF01 464   We carry Antique Jewelry going from the early 1800's through to the Retro period of the 1950's for the 'power couple' who want to have fine and elegant pieces that make a statement, but are not overly ostentatious. We have unusual, one of a kind and sometimes quirky pieces for the collector; we also have one of the largest collections of original engagement rings. We carry Victorian yellow gold and gem set rings in both band and cluster designs, which were the original engagement rings of this time period through to the Platinum and gem set rings of the Art Deco period of the 1920' and 1930's. Any engagement rings purchased from us are all authentic pieces from the period, not as so many other dealers that advertise as 'antique style' or 'antique inspired' or if you like modern reproductions; and from us we guarantee, fine quality workmanship, combined with gem quality precious stones. 7/ Art Deco, Platinum, Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant. Circa 1930   SF01 466   We look forward to you visiting us to take care of all your jewelry needs, with our professional, knowledgeable staff, who can explain about the history of the pieces we carry.