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valentines day jewelry
February the 14th, Valentines Day, a time when we think of giving those we love a gift. In this modern age men normally give to their wives or girlfriends, chocolates, roses or a bottle of champagne. But it is also a romantic time for couples to think about getting engaged. This was also true back in earlier times.
At Beverley R Jewelry in Chicago we have a large selection of antique engagement rings, from the different era's. We have Victorian Antique Diamond and colored Gemstone cluster engagement rings.The antique cluster ring design stayed popular in both the Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro periods, and these are the original designs on which the modern antique style 'Halo' engagement rings are based. The idea behind the cluster style in diamond antique engagement rings was that with the center diamond surrounded by the smaller diamonds from a distance looked like one huge diamond. With colored stone antique cluster rings the colored gemstone whether it be Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald was normally surrounded by diamonds to highlight the central stone.
1/ Platinum & Diamond three stone engagement ring (x3 Stones signify Past Present & Future) Circa 1925
multi diamond engagement ring
The next style of Victorian antique engagement ring we have at Beverly R Jewelry is the Half Hoop design. This was a band style of engagement ring, normally with either three or five main stones, and again they could be all diamond, a mixture of diamond and gemstone or all colored gemstone. The unique thing about these antique engagement rings is the scrolling work that can be found in the galleries of these antique rings.
2/ 18 kt. Emerald & Diamond Half Hoop Ring. Circa 1890
half hoop ring  
For Art Deco Platinum Engagement rings there were four main styles of rings, all of which can be found at Beverley R Jewelry The cluster, band and single stone diamonds with stones set in the shoulders, which can be divided into two main types round brilliant cuts, and emerald or square cuts were all popular types of Art Deco engagement rings. These platinum single stone styles of antique engagement ring from the 1920's-30' are also a good style for the lady who wants to wear a wedding band.
3/ Platinum & Diamond Engagement ring Circa 1930
 diamond engagement ring
Traditionally antique wedding bands were either plain gold or platinum, with maybe some scrolling work engraved around the band. But what has become popular in contemporary times is antique eternity band rings, with diamonds going completely around the circumference. Traditionally these antique rings were given when a wife had children, and were worn on the right hand; but now couples like the idea of using them as wedding bands, liking the concept of 'eternity' or everlasting being connected to marriage.
Valentines Day love tokens dated back to the early 1800's and there were many styles of antique jewelry that were used as tokens of love. In the Georgian period a popular piece of antique jewelry used as love tokens were either antique pendants or brooches set with gemstones whose first letters spelt either 'Dearest' or 'Regard'. Lockets were also very popular tokens of love in antique jewelry, very often set with woven hair. Antique key and heart brooches were also a popular motif.
4/ Victorian 18 kt. Enamel and Diamond Ribbon Bow Brooch with Heart Locket Drop. Circa 1840
diamond pendant 5/ Emerald & Diamond Ribbon Bow Brooch with Heart drop Circa 1850. diamond pendant  
Snake motif jewelry with its symbolism for timelessness and eternity were popular antique valentine jewelry gifts. Antique Flower brooches in gold or gem set again were very popular love tokens in antique jewelry. And of course the timeless symbol of love is the heart, and in All antique and contemporary jewelry one can find heart pendants, brooches, earrings and rings. At one stage in the Art Deco period, antique engagement rings contained heart shape cut diamonds or colored gemstones.
6/ 18 kt. Opal & Diamond Snake necklace. Circa 1890
snake jewelry  
 7/ Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Flower Brooch with 2-carat natural yellow diamond center. Circa 1935
flower brooch 8/ 18 kt. Spinel & Diamond Heart pendant with locket back. Circa 1890 heart pendant   Also a popular gift that was very wearable are antique earrings, In the Victorian and Edwardian period, every day antique earrings were normally a smaller diamond set above a larger stone in a French clip back closure, and this style of antique earring was the equivalent of modern diamond stud earrings.
9/ Platinum & Diamond (Half ct. each) Drop earrings with French back closure. Circa 1920
drop earring   At Beverley R Antique Jewelry in Chicago we have a large selection of Antique Jewelry for that special someone on Valentines Day, and for the romantics, we have one of the largest collections of original, as opposed to antique style and antique inspired engagement rings in Chicago.