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Antique Engagement Rings Chicago
In this day and age of modern technology, when people want to find a specific product like an antique engagement ring or antique jewelry of any kind, they Google it.

But the problem is that Google most often finds ‘reproductions’ or ‘antique inspired’ or ‘modern copies’ of antique jewelry and none of these are antique at all! In fact, many of our most recent customers after much searching have come to our shop so relieved to finally find actual antique engagement rings and ‘authentic antique pieces’. There are many antique style pieces and antique inspired pieces but all of these are reproductions or copies that are not at all antique. It can be rather confusing and easy to misunderstand the true age of a piece when the description includes the word antique.

To the purist, an ‘antique’ is a piece which is over 100 years old. I have heard some refer to ‘antique' jewelry as pieces that are over 50 years old. In our shop you will find jewelry from the 1800’s to the 1950’s. This is authentic jewelry that has a very different style and look, each piece with its own uniqueness.

Beginning in the 1960’s more and more pieces became mass produced and as a result much of the original and real style has been lost. It is difficult for many to tell the difference between a 1960’s engagement ring from a 1980’s or even an engagement ring from today.

A piece described as a vintage engagement ring may sound like it is an antique engagement ring, however in Jewelry terms a vintage engagement ring is about 20 years old. I have normally found that when someone uses the word vintage, they really mean of the Art Deco style engagement rings or rings from the 1920’s and 30’s. These are engagement rings, which have still mainly been hand made to fit the diamonds or gemstones and are one of a kind. Many are also made in platinum.

When you are searching for a real or authentic antique engagement ring do your homework and be aware of the phraseology that many use. Be sure to know that antique style, vintage, art deco style, Edwardian style, antique inspired, vintage inspired, in the style of, authentic copy and antique reproduction all are terms to describe mass produced engagement rings. Steer clear of these pieces when searching for real, authentic antique jewelry that is truly one of a kind.

There is a Latin phrase in old English law caveat emptor which means buyer beware. This principle is applicable today more than ever before when you are looking for a one of a kind antique engagement ring.