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Why Buy an Antique Engagement Ring?

Antique engagement rings are for those of you who want a one of a kind ring. An engagement ring that no one else has says a lot. This dates back to the Victorian and Art Deco eras when gem stones were purchased first and then hand mounted. During this time the most popular gem stone for an engagement ring was a diamond. Diamonds are still the hardest substance known to man and the ancient Greek word for diamond means unbreakable. People of the Victorian and Art Deco eras liked the idea of having a gem stone in their engagement ring that symbolized the strength of their love. In addition diamonds are one of the only gem stones that looks beautiful with any other gem. Diamonds also go with any outfit!

The second most popular gemstone for antique engagement rings of the Victorian and Art Deco eras was Sapphire. Sapphires on the gem hardness scale are second to diamonds and the ancient Greek word for Sapphire was associated with endurance, as in endurance of one’s love. Since blue goes well with a lot of other colors it was considered a natural complement to diamonds.

The reason antique rings were one of a kind because once the gemstones were purchase a mount was individually hand made specifically for those gemstones. It was impossible to reproduce it exactly. There was always be a slight difference. Even today you might find a similar style in an antique engagement ring but there is always a difference and each is still unique.

If you are looking at modern engagement rings the mounts are most often mass produced in a factory and identical. If you are looking for a ring that others have or have seen, then go modern. If you desire to stand out from the crowd, have something different and that no one else has or even has seen then an antique engagement ring is for you.

When you are searching for an engagement ring though, this should not be your only motivation. Value is also important and antique engagement rings are a much better investment because they hold their value better than their modern counterparts. Some modern engagement rings are mass produced versions of ‘original’ antique styles. An original is always worth more than a copy. As a famous actress once said “Antique Jewelry is for people who know who they are!” I believe this is especially true for those who are looking for an antique engagement ring.