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When Beverley R Jewelry first came into being over thirty years ago the Art Deco period would never have been described as antique jewelry. But as the Art Deco period started in 1920 over one hundred years ago this first part of the period can now be described as antique jewelry.    

1/ Platinum & Diamond geometric pendant. Circa 1925


At the end of the First World War, the reaction to four years of hardship, suffering and privation,, took the form of a period of creativity, and 'joie de vivre.' The motto of this period was - 'Live and forget the past.' the traditions, fashions and values of the pre war society were soon put aside. Etiquette changed, so that conformism was rejected and freedom of expression became the new rule.  

2/ Platinum, Pearl & Onyx long chain. Circa 1920

RH01-005-reduced It was also a time of emancipation for women, who had been required to take over many jobs while the men had been fighting, and who continued to work now the war was over. There was also a change in women's fashion to a more masculine look, characterized by a thin and flat silhouette, and a short hair cut, 'a la garconne'. Trousers became the emblem of the emancipated woman for day wear, but for the night women demanded clothes that were sexy and dramatic. Never before had day wear and evening attire showed such profound differences. Geometrical short dresses of the day were substituted at night, for fluid and sleeveless tunics, concealing the natural curves of the feminine body, but were cut low at the back. The waistline dropped to the hips, often underlined by a sash decorated with a brooch, while the skirt was short enough to reveal the knees, often with slits to enable women to enjoy the movements of the new dances such as the Charleston, tango and foxtrot.  

3/ Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond line bracelet. Circa 1925

SM1-092-reduced Coco Chanel, in the late 1920's launched her sporty, yet elegant and classy fashions. Her classic two piece suits, were accompanied by Art Deco jewelry styles of stringed pearls or long gold or platinum chains, either with unusual designs to the links or set with gemstones, both precious or semi-precious.

4/ Selection of Platinum & Gemstone rings from the Art Deco period.

SM1-096-reduced The Art Deco fashions of the 1930's were generally more restrained, the waistline returned t a more natural position, and loose and shapeless tops were substituted by more feminine garments, which once more enhanced the more feminine lines of the female form. For day wear, Chanel's tailored suits, both practical and comfortable set new standards, and evening wear was precious and gleaming silks and satin's, which tightly embraced the body.

5/ Platinum & Diamond double clip brooch Circa 1935

WS2-051-reduced In order to follow these revolutionary innovations in fashion Art Deco jewelry changed accordingly. Jewelry assumed more geometrical and linear in design. Art Deco jewelry, whether it be necklaces, bracelets or cocktail rings became an accessory, strictly dependent on the shape and color of the dresses on which they accompanied, rather than a precious ornament to represent a display of wealth.

6/ Platinum & Diamond bracelet (28, carats) Circa 1930

WS4-016-reduced It was a time when many fashionable women, obsessed with perfection, had clothes designed to suit a particularly important piece of Art Deco Jewelry. Paradoxically, the scantily clad woman of the 1920's loved to cover herself with Antique and Art Deco Jewelry: it was a time of decadence when several platinum, diamond and gem set bracelets were worn stacked together on arms left bare by evening dresses. And the daringly low backs of dresses, promoted the fashion for Art Deco Pearl sautoirs and Art Deco necklaces to be worn at the back, rather than at the front.

7/ Platinum,Diamond & Calibre Ruby Bracelet circa 1925

WS4-020-reduced The ideal Antique & Art Deco jewelry of the 1920's had to complement a particular dress, be an ornament expressly designed for a particular woman, or be chosen to suit her tastes, lifestyles and features. The intrinsic value and the quality of workmanship of this Vintage Jewelry had to complement the artistic value of the design. Both famous Jewelry Houses like Tiffany & Cartier and artist jewelers rejected mass produced, repetitive ornaments. The result for the Art Deco Jewelry of this period was an extremely varied and rich production, which approached this now Antique Jewelry with a new creative freedom, sensitive to the contemporary fashion styles. The new 'buzz words' of decorative arts were: geometry, chromatic contrast, linearity and stylisation. These qualities became the emblems of 'modern' and Art Deco Jewelry.

8/ Platinum, Diamond & Natural Pearl pendant Circa 1920

WS8-012-reduced At Beverley R Jewelry here in Chicago, we have a large selection of high quality original, one of a kind and unique pieces of not only Art Deco Jewelry, but also Antique and Retro Jewelry, for that special occasion, that special outfit,or just a piece to make a lady feel special whatever she is wearing. We look for to seeing you in our store where our professional staff will work with you, and help you find that special piece just for you, a piece that none of your friends will have, that piece that will make you feel good every time you wear it.