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jewelry for christmas
The Christmas period, the Jewish Hanuka, and other celebrations seem to come around the December period. This is a time of giving gifts to business associates, suppliers, and work staff to say thank you for their service and efforts throughout the year. But it is also a time to give to our nearest and dearest, as a token of our love. People both famous and unknown, the very wealthy and the not so wealthy have very often chosen antique and Art Deco jewelry to mark the sentiment and feelings for this very special time.
In this blog, I hope to give some ideas of potential antique jewelry gifts, and also what is available at Beverly R Jewelry in Chicago. When giving a piece of antique jewelry the first question is what do you want the piece for; are you buying jewelry for a special occasion, a wedding, or a black-tie function. If this is the case my recommendation would be either a piece of jewelry from the Art Deco period of the 1920' and '30s, as this was a very decadent period, with diamonds and larger colored gemstones being used all set in platinum, to give a very opulent look. The Art Deco period was very much one of the mantra 'If you've got it, flaunt it', but it was also done with elegance and sophistication of design, combined with quality and craftsmanship, just perfect for a 'now' special occasion. At Beverly R Jewelry, we have a large selection of many different pieces of antique jewelry from the Deco period, including Platinum and Diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches depending on what you are looking for we have pieces of Art Deco which could only be worn for the more formal occasion. However, after saying that I had better add that depends on where you live in the USA. I had a lady come into the shop, and she was looking at a very impressive Art Deco Platinum and Diamond bracelet, along with a large Art Deco cocktail ring, and after making a comment about how good they would look at any special function, she turned to me and said that in Texas these pieces would be worn all the time even to do the grocery shopping.
 Another suggestion for the gift shopper, who is looking for that antique piece of jewelry for a special occasion, but also wants more from it, as let's face it how many formal occasions does one go to, especially now with so many lockdowns in place, we also have at Beverly R Jewelry a large selection of what we call 'day and night' pieces. That is to say, the jewelry is important enough for the 'black tie' but could also be worn to a dinner party or smart luncheon without being 'over the top' ostentatious, or as the contemporary description has it 'blingie'.
My last suggestion for a gift for a big event would be an impressive piece of Victorian or Georgian gold jewelry. Here at Beverley R Jewelry again we have a large selection of impressive Victorian gold collars or the long antique gold drop earrings. We also have experienced staff who can also tell you the history of the early pieces.
Moving on for those of you who are looking for gifts that can be worn, again here at Beverley R Jewelry, we have a large selection of very wearable antique jewelry. The sort of jewelry that would look fine for the jeans and tee-shirt attire, but also not look out of place with smart casual attire or even business dress. Again we have choices from the whole gamut of antique pieces of brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings. Also with these earlier pieces, because they are hand-made by craftsmen, and not mass-produced you will be buying your loved one a unique piece that none of her friends will have.
If you are looking for less intimate gifts, for business colleagues or friends, and are working on a lesser budget than you would for your nearest and dearest, Beverley R Jewelry can still, help, carrying a range of less expensive pieces of antique jewelry, but pieces that still have a uniqueness, combined with high-quality craftsmanship.
Lastly, this holiday period is also a time when many couples decide the time has come, and want to start the 'New Year' as no longer being a pair who are dating, but a couple who are engaged. Here at Beverley R Jewelry, we can take care of your need with a selection of over two hundred original and authentic from the actual antique and Art Deco period engagement rings, as opposed to those modern mainly mass-produced copies, which are promoted as 'antique-inspired' or 'antique design'. Our selection includes both platinum and gold rings, set with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, or a combination of different gemstones, in many different ones of kind designs.
At Beverly R Jewelry we look forward to seeing you, and help you find the perfect gift, for the perfect person for exactly the right occasion, and make your holiday shopping as stress-free as possible.
Formal Wear
1/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond double clip/brooch, with twenty carats of diamonds. Circa 1935
diamond brooch
2/ Antique, 18 karat gold, Amethyst and Aquamarine festoon necklace, Repouse style. Circa 1845
aquamarine festoon necklace
3/ Antique, Thirty Two carat, Old Mine cut diamond fringe necklace. Circa 1880
diamond fringe necklace
4/ Antique, 18 karat gold, drop ball, and disc earrings. Circa 1890
gold drop earring
Day & Night Wear
1/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Pendant, with a 2 ct. Diamond center Circa 1925
Art Deco Diamond Pendant
2/ Edwardian, Platinum & Diamond pears shape cluster earrings. Circa 1910
pear shaped diamond earring
3/ Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond pierce work flexible bracelet. Circa 1925
art deco diamond bracelet
Possible Gifts
1/ Art Deco, Platinum & Calibre emerald cufflinks. Circa 1930
platinum cufflinks
2/ Antique, Natural Pearl and 'rose cut' diamond cross. Circa 1890
rose cut diamond cross