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Antique Engagement Ring Chicago
One of the most anticipated moments for a soon to be bride is the time-bending few seconds it takes between “will you marry me?” and the opening of the ring box. But do you know your Georgian jewelry from retro, diamond cuts and stone quality? While it may seem hard to get the perfect piece of antique jewelry in Chicago, we are here to help.

Know the difference between “antique” and “vintage”

The important note about antique jewelry is that it must be older than 100 years old. It is very easy to be confused into believing more unscrupulous jewelers, who would use the term "antique" to jack up the price on an item that may not be everything they say it is. Anything that was made in 1918 or before at this point would be classified as an antique, where everything after is classified as "vintage."

Make sure you speak to reputable dealers who are more than willing to show off their pieces and show the authenticity of them as a point of pride.

The band is just as important as the stone

Before you start admiring diamonds, sapphires or rubies, take into consideration the band: what color metal do you want, how hard wearing is that metal, in what condition is the band you are currently looking at? All metals have a different level of durability and with years of wear, antiques should be scrutinized carefully. Platinum will be more durable than yellow or white golds, but will come at a much heftier price.

But do consider the type of stone carefully

While the band is incredibly important, so is the stone. Some brides love that perfectly sparkly white diamond, but do you know what cut? Antique diamond cuts follow their own rules and can indicate a specific era in which they were popular. Some brides would like anything but a diamond, in which case, you need to know what type of stone or ideally what color of stone she will want. Make sure you know whether or not your bride has a special preference in a particular stone, the color of the stone or the cut.

Don't forget the wedding band

This one is often the forgotten aspects to engagement ring searches; the wedding band. Once you have the band, stone and cut decided, remember it will likely be worn beside the wedding band. If you are set on buying an emerald cut diamond, the wedding band will have to either be made in a certain shape or sit on top of the wedding band which can be uncomfortable. Check and double check with your jeweler if they also can provide a band that fits seamlessly with your choice of engagement ring.